Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beware of Purchasing FAKE Likas Papaya Whitening Soap!!! How To Tell The Scam.

Hi All,  a friend came to me yesterday all excited about purchasing Likas soap at rock-bottom prices. My first reaction was a wide open mouth, it was pretty cheap. Unfortunately, after checking out the package at first glance, I could see it was a fake, which by the way is not difficult to discern;

1. Picture 1 is the Original Likas Papaya Whitening Soap;

2. Picture 2 is the Fake Likas soap;

I had searched on how to tell the original Likas soap and the best way is the hologram, the inscription "Awarded SuperBrand" is written there in the front of the pack.
So please check really well before purchasing. Even if its a little money, it doesn't feel good to know one was been scammed.
Take care!


chioma okenwa said...

I mailed you and haven't heard from you...pls reply

iamfascinating said...

Hi Chioma, sorry, my internet connection has been whack. I just replied. thanks!

jimmy jam said...

It foams just right and it doesn't melt fast so it will really last a while. It never dried my skin too so I guess it really moisturizes the skin. And it's a plus that it is also Hypo-allergenic!Kojic Acid Soap

Madhuri Saini said...

Does it have an expiry date on its cover?? I have seen a few on with expiry date on them !!
Please let me know.

Nedunchezhian S.P. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nedunchezhian S.P. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nedunchezhian S.P. said...

What you said is wrong. The original soap packing actually doesn't have the inscription "Awarded Super Brand" logo. Each Likas Papaya soap is orange-schemed and carries the Mystica Logo throughout its packaging. The Mystica Logo is reflectorized which emanates rainbow rays and shines in the light. Refer manufacturer site for further details.

Ann Nguyen said...

OMG I bought the 2nd one from Seafood City and it smelled sort of like mothballs! Then, today I just had the urge to go to Marina grocery store and they had the 1st one AND the 2nd one! I decided to try the 1st one since I already had the 2nd one. I haven't used the Marina one yet, but I inspected the soap and found that it is a bit darker orange color and it actually smells citrussy!! Thank you SO MUCH for this post to clear things up for me! ^^

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